All Vehicles Wanted

We want your unwanted vehicles! Whether they have high mileage, rust, running or non-running, even wrecked, old, title or not, we want your vehicle in any condition!

White wrecked car being towed on a flatbed truck.
Free Towing

At All Vehicles Wanted, we provide free towing away service for your unwanted vehicles in any condition including classic cars, high mileage vehicles, as-is condition, cars, trucks, RVs, boats! Please note that we only tow vehicles that we are taking possession of; we do not offer general towing services to body shops or other destinations required by the vehicle owner.

A man's hand paying several hundred dollars in cash to another hand with cars in the background.
We Pay You Cash!

That's right, we pay you TOP DOLLAR for your unwanted vehicle and we haul it away for free! We provide service to the Piedmont region of North and South Carolina. We strive to make unwanted vehicle removal hassle-free with prompt, friendly service.

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No Title Necessary

No title is required for us to give you cash for your unwanted vehicle. Call Mark to get paid top dolar for your high mileage, unwanted, running or non-running car, truck, RV, or boat! We even take most wrecked or junk vehicles and tow them away for free!

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We remove your unwanted vehicles and pay you cash!

Our haul-away towing service is always free!

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All Vehicles Wanted

Client Reviews

A 2006 red Chrysler Town and Country van.
High Mileage, Any Condition, Running or Not, Classics

Cars & Vans

An older cream-colored GMC pickup truck.
High mileage, old, unwanted, any condition, rusty


A wrecked, damaged, camper / RV / recreational vehicle.
Recreational Vehicles of any age, high mileage, in any condition

RVs & Campers

A rusty, old, ship with a cabin sitting in shallow water.
Any Condition, Damaged, Rusty, Old

Boats & Ships

Call Mark today to schedule a pickup of your old vehicle and get paid cash!